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Silent Counselling, Rapid Energy Release

What is Silent Counselling, Rapid Energy Release? 

It is a non evasive, transformational modality that can release negative emotions that you have been storing in your body. From past traumas, we can hold onto the negative emotions we experience, burying them deep within us and later in life these negative emotions can manifest as ailments, causing us pain and discomfort. 

Silent Counselling, Rapid Energy Release focuses on the emotion you are predominantly experiencing and muscle testing to see where your body needs to release this emotion from, all whilst not having to share your past traumas or having to talk at all about your feelings. Using your body's meridian points, we work through them using touch and breath work allowing the negative emotions to clear. 

It is said by many that our bodies have the ability to heal ourselves. What we are experiencing physically can be caused by what has happened to us mentally. Our mind and body are connected and this is why when we are mentally stressed, we become weakened and eventually sick. Stress and trauma on the body can create disease. 

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How I came across Silent Counselling

In 2021 I came across a wonderful nurse called Kirsty who worked for the NHS. She introduced me to Candice Wilson who was very kindly offering free master classes for this incredible modality Silent Counselling, Rapid Energy Release. I love finding new ways to help and support people and as it was free, I thought why not! Let's see what this is all about. Well, I am so grateful that I did. I had to wait a few months afterwards to save up for the training and find the right dates. In October 2022 I joined Candice for the training with an aching back and achy arms. She took me through the technique and suddenly I couldn't feel the ache like I did before. I released a lot of fear and frustration during the session and I thought, my goodness I cannot wait to share this with people. During my case studies, I saw incredible transformative results and was able to give my clients a sense of calm, comfort and clarity. Pain reduced in many, leaving them feel  relaxed and more comfortable in their bodies. 


I cannot wait to work with you and see your transformation.

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