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Silent Counselling, Rapid Energy Release

What is Silent Counselling, Rapid Energy Release? 

It is a transformational, non evasive modality that can release the negative emotions and trauma you have been storing in your body.


When we experience trauma, we often hold onto the negative emotions we experience and burying them deep within us.  Sooner or later these negative emotions can manifest in our bodies creating an emotional and physical imbalance. We often think we are over emotional trauma, when in fact our bodies aren't.  

Silent Counselling, Rapid Energy Release allows you to focus on your most predominant emotion and we muscle test, to see where your body needs to release this emotional trauma. Using breath work and touch we worth through your meridian points across your body. The sessions are finished with Reiki Healing and Chakra realignment, leaving you feeling clam and grounded. 


Do I have to relive past trauma?

No, absolutely you do not have to talk about your trauma or discuss anything that comes up for you if you do not wish to. Throughout your sessions, memories or emotions might come to light that you weren't even aware of. You might think, 'Wow, I didn't know I felt like that'. or 'I thought I was over that'! Your mind may have been, but your body might be still holding onto it. 

How will Silent Counselling Rapid Energy Release help me?

Are you sick of feeling overwhelmed, in chronic pain and/or just want to feel in control again? 

Contact me for a free consultation to hear more about how I can help you. 


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